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Simple techniques for balance include creating nurturing and practical rituals of health care and personal grooming and evaluation of mental clarity and an energy inventory. We all know that when we shower and groom ourselves we feel better. This is also true when we take the time to exercise daily, even if it is a gentle walk and speaking with the members of your community. Even making sure that your bed is made before you leave the house, these are all simple techniques that help bring balance to your day.

Our tip for the mornings is to start with a pot of 1.Grounding Tea instead of coffee and to also apply a small amount of 1.Grounding Oil to both legs. Keep a journal and record how you feel, try this for a couple of weeks and you will be amazed at the differences.

The reason we recommend the 1. Grounding Tea in the morning, is because it has been created to help support the Base Chakra or 1st energy centre in the body.  

Draining emotions are linked to work, family, survival or any group of people

No.1 (Base Chakra) / 1st energy center of the body

Location: Genital area, base of spine

If you have any health issues or are sensing a loss of energy with your bones, legs, feet, base of spine, rectum, immune system or physical energy. 

Consider trying the 1.Grounding Tea and Oil as part of your 




Verdel Maclean - Wednesday, October 01, 2014

We are a health, beauty and wellness company situated on the Central Coast of New South Wales, we are also a family business.

We have created skincare and wellness therapies and products Inspired by varied global cultures and teachings both past and present.”

One tradition is Ayurveda which has been practiced for thousands of years in India.

The core belief is that five elements (air, earth, fire, water & ether) exist in different proportions, thereby creating the entire universe.

The use and application of essential oils 'aromatherapy' is one technique used to influence and balance these elements.

The Ayurvedic tradition believes that these five elements make up three main mind/body types, or doshas, that influence everything from

physical characteristics to personality traits. For true health, "the doshas" must exist on mental, physical and spiritual levels.

Our products do not contain any petrochemicals, animal ingredients or known irritants and we source natural flower and plant botanicals of the purist origin.

  • No.1 Grounding Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.1 Grounding Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.2 Relationships Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.2 Relationships Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.3 Self-Esteem Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.3 Self-Esteem Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.4 Emotions Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.4 Emotions Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.5 Communication Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.5 Communication Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.6 Intuition Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.6 Intuition Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.7 Wisdom Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.7 Wisdom Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.8 Trinity Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.8 Trinity Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.9 Transition Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.9 Transition Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • No.10 Illumination Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • No.10 Illumination Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • Bath Ritual (Registered Product of Australia)
  • Ritual Tea (Registered Australian Made)
  • Ritual Burner Blend (Registered Australian Made)
  • Australian Dreamtime Burner Blend (Registered Product of Australia)
  • Mother Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • Baby Oil (Registered Product of Australia)
  • Traveller Pack (Registered Product of Australia)
  • Complete Set (Registered Product of Australia)
  • Ritual Candle 

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